[UPDATED] 7 Warning Signs Your Dog Has [Cancer] Should Never Ignore It

    Cancer is a terrifying reality for dog owners today, causing nearly half the deaths of dogs over the age of 10.
    Now more than ever, it’s critical to know the signs of cancer. And if you suspect cancer, you need to know the best treatment options available. If you are a dog lover, you have to remember that you should be with your dog through the smooth and rough. Dog health care is as important as your family’s. In fact, your dog is part of the family. Therefore, we want to tell you about some symptoms of dog health which you have to pay attention to because they indicate when it is at risk.

    7. Unhealed Wound

    If your dog has an open sore that is oozing pus, it is likely that he or she is suffering from a skin ulcer. These lesions usually indicate injury, infection, or disease and require an examination by a veterinarian to determine the underlying cause. Treatment and prognosis vary depending on the source of the ulcer, though the ulcer itself should heal within a few weeks if kept clean and pressure free.
    If you recognize some abnormal cells grow in your pet or dog body or any festering wounds then you should not waste time and you need to take your dog immediately to your nearest vet.

    ↚6. Lack of appetite

    Loss of appetite “anorexia” in dogs is a symptom that can be indicative of a variety of possible underlying problems. The underlying cause could range from a minor stressor to a life-threatening illness. A pet choosing to eat little or no food as the result of an upset stomach or stress may begin eating again within 24 hours. However, loss of appetite for longer than 1-2 days can be a sign of medical emergency and should not go untreated.
    The most common cause of lethargy and loss of appetite in dogs is infection or disease, There are physical and psychological causes related to lack of appetite. Both causes are equally serious, so if your dog has stopped eating for more than 24 hours, you must be alert and act immediately. Once the specialist has identified the cause, you can better monitor your dog diet or dog nutrition plan.

    5. Coughing

    The occasional cough in an otherwise healthy dog is usually nothing to worry about. But just like us, when a dog’s coughing becomes a constant or recurrent problem it can be a sign of serious illness. It is a little weird, but yes, a sick dog also coughs. As in humans, when coughing is persistent and cannot be removed with treatments and simple cares, it could be lung cancer. Dog cancer, specifically lung cancer is very, very dangerous.

    4. NoseBleed

    Seeing the blood on your dog’s leg scares, but seeing it on its nose… is scarier. Nosebleeds are painful and annoying. Do not even think about giving your pet dog vitamins, antibiotics or anti-inflammatories. Keep calm and wait for its veterinarian to decide whether it needs medication or a transfusion. Nose bleeds – often medically called “epistaxis” – are never normal in dogs. When they occur, they can quickly turn into severe bleeding and be accompanied by secondary signs of shock.

    3. Sking changes

    Parasites, fleas or ticks, dog bite, allergic reactions to certain foods or substances such as pollen and weather changes. Or the worst: the appearance of cutaneous mastocytoma which is a very common type of dog skin cancer. These are some of the injuries your faithful friend may suffer.
    Watch this:
    • Skin lesions can affect all types of dogs from puppies to adult dogs.
    • Check your pet regularly, look for sores or color changes. Early detection prevents great misfortunes.
    • No dog should go through this, try to keep your pet in ideal spaces and company to prevent skin damages; this is dog health care.

    2.Dogs breathing difficulties

    Flu, cough (already mentioned before), asthma, bronchitis or nasal secretions are some of the common respiratory problems that dogs can face. All of this is accompanied by dog health problems such as exercise intolerance, tachycardia, fever, nausea, and sometimes simple noisy breathing. Pet health is really important, so pay close attention.

    1.Discomfort or Pain

    It does not matter if you have a german shepherd or a golden retriever, whether you hear panting, crying or complaints coming from your canine dog means that something is going on your dog. Do not use home remedies or follow advice from friends who have already gone through the same situation before. It is your pet’s life that is at risk. So be diligent, dog health care only depends on you!

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