[DOCTORS ARE LYING] The 10 biggest lies concerning AIDS

     The 10 biggest lies concerning AIDS

    Let’s begin with the tip, the tenth lie: Scientists all agree concerning the infectious agent explanation for AIDS
    Hundreds of scientists, not the smallest amount of them, have most well-liked to require risks on careers that secure to be terribly promising, instead of settle for the numerous lies and inconsistencies distilled by official bodies.
    “The ten biggest lies concerning AIDS” Book written by Dr. Etienne American state Harven and therefore the scientific and technical journalist Jean-Claude Roussez. revealed in 2005 by Editions Dangles, in France Article by Dany Quirion for Alter data it’s vital to emphasise here that this text is just composed of full extracts from the book. many alternative crucial items of knowledge aren’t mentioned here and that they stay to be discovered within the book.
    Let’s begin from the start.
    ↚1st lie: AIDS may be a new unwellness.
    Both the overall public and therefore the majority of health professionals ar convinced that AIDS is a virus development that appeared suddenly within the early Eighties, caused by the emergence of a brand new virus. The nonheritable immunological disorder syndrome, or AIDS, isn’t to be precise a unwellness. A syndrome is just a group of signs and symptoms occurring at the same time within the patient, that is characterised by a pointy decrease, or maybe a collapse, of the immune defenses. the 2 main causes of nonheritable immunological disorder have long been accepted and documented: – malnutrition; – the utilization of drugs that ar dangerous for the system (drugs, sure medicines, blood transfused).

    Second lie: there’s Associate in Nursing AIDS virus: HIV

    It is fully necessary to consult the scientific literature concerning the virus itself. the smallest amount infectious agent particle, and particularly the smallest amount animal virus particle, in Associate in Nursing AIDS patient. […] this can be a team of the chemist Institute headed by Luc Montagnier, UN agency declared the primary time the invention of infectious agent activity, in 1983, from samples taken on a patient AIDS. the subsequent year, Henry Martyn Robert Gallo’s team within the us created an identical announcement. On the one-post-to-the-one-to-the-fair-to-one to be cheated to victimization “a discovery”, a sample that Luc Montagnier had munificently offered a number of months past. a similar mischance happened to Robin Weiss, the good British AIDS specialist, UN agency was forced to acknowledge him before the virus was discovered, however was discovered, he was additionally received by Luc Montagnier. we are able to say that we’ve got managed to announce that a awfully obscure presumption from cell cultures is issued from a similar patient! there’s no alternative article within the medical literature, however just one article can be found.

    3rd lie: HIV is that the explanation for AIDS

    Let’s return to the first 80s. the primary cases of AIDS were detected within the us among the homosexual community and among blood vessel drug users. it’s necessary to specify that it’s not the actual fact of being homosexual that constitutes a risk issue vis-à-vis AIDS. solely the life-style of some homosexual men is probably going to cause immunological disorder. […] totally different medication circulated wide (cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, LSD, barbiturates, heroin …), however the undisputed stars were “poppers”, tiny vials containing amyl radical, a robust vasodilative with apparently aphrodisiac virtues. Originally, this product was a drug used as a coronary dilator for the treatment of angina attacks. The homosexual community entertained the nitrites from their therapeutic use into their most well-liked narcotic, as early because the Nineteen Sixties. […]As shortly as they’re within the blood, nitrites be converted into gas and harm the inner walls of the blood vessels, that explains their involvement in capillary cancer: Kaposi’s sarcoma. though prohibited, poppers have continued  to be accessible these days, either by borrowing innocent names like “leather cleaner”, or in broad daylight, as an example in sex retailers. The development has even worsened after since they need been adopted by some heterosexuals in search of performances. Despite the proof that the utilization of poppers was related to the bulk of AIDS cases among homosexuals, within the us, some media backed by public health agencies free data to the gay community in 1983 that fully vindicated nitrites. This perspective is represented as criminal. it absolutely was not till 1994 that Henry Martyn Robert Gallo, “co-discoverer” of “HIV” and (rich) promoter of the primary screening take a look at, admitted at a conference of the National Institute of misuse (NIDA) that Kaposi’s sarcoma , a typical unwellness of the homosexual community, couldn’t be caused by a pestilence however poppers ought to be the most cause. This late admission created fully no distinction to the official perspective. [This chapter contains alternative data on drug addicts, hemophiliacs, unnourished, etc.]
    fourth lie: Antiviral medication ar useful In 1987appeared the primary medicine allegedly specific to AIDS: AZT. Azidothymidine, or AZT, was discovered in 1964 and planned to be used in cancer therapies. Its devastating (and systematically fatal) effects in laboratory mice have junction rectifier to a categorical rejection by the authorities liable for accrediting new anti-cancer medication. alternative times alternative mores: the necessity to supply AIDS patients with medical care […] was desperately granted the shocking authorization to plug AZT, despite its terribly high toxicity. – alternative antivirals: every has its own system of genetic result however the principle is that the same.

    5th lie: HIV standing may be a sign of HIV infection

    This lie is definitely the foremost sinful of all people who ar denounced during this book as a result of it’s created legion individuals believe that they were sick and contagious. […] The “Western Blot” take a look at is employed to verify seropositivity once it’s been detected by one or 2 “Elisa” tests. this can be a take a look at thought-about a lot of reliable. A Western Blot take a look at consists of 10 aligned bands like the 10 proteins that are outlined as usually and solely associated with “HIV”. International harmonization of diagnoses being non-existent, one is declared HIV-positive in some countries once solely 2 bands have responded. In some countries, it takes 3. In others, four bands ar required. therefore we have a tendency to see that reckoning on the country wherever you reside, a similar humor, analyzed below identical conditions, will build Associate in Nursing HIV-positive or seronegative, in line with the legislation in effect. however there’s a lot of attention-grabbing still. Since the 10 proteins employed in the tests ar publicised as typical of “HIV”, the subsequent 2 queries is asked, entirely opposite every other: : – Why 2 to four bands ar required once just one ought to be spare to diagnose the presence of the virus? – Why solely 2 to four bands ar required whereas the presence of the virus ought to essentially involve the presence of the 10 proteins attributed to that, that the reaction of all 10 bands of the test? […] That same, it ought to be noted that these tests inspire therefore very little confidence that within the us, the bureau (Food and Drug Administration) has not supported any of them. […] it’s vital to recollect that, for lack of a global normal, one is classified as HIV-positive or HIV-negative reckoning on the country wherever one resides. Of the 10 take a look at strips that the Western Blot has, it’s enough to own 2 that ar thought-about “positive” to be declared infected in continent.
    It will take 3 in Britain and 4 in Australia. there’s a lot of dramatic. The tests ar therefore broad that the makers themselves announce that their tests cannot be wont to affirm or deny the presence of “HIV”. They additionally report that there ar several attainable sources of false positives, all told concerning sixty. […] – infectious agent load The conception of “viral load” was introduced within the North American nation by Dr. David Ho, additionally a promoter of multi-therapies, hoping to supply an evidence for the actual fact that nobody found “HIV” directly in any patient . The media temperament (elected “man of the year 1996” by Time Magazine) then planned that the virus knew the way to build itself undetectable however that it might withal be highlighted due to the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technique, that may be a method of multiplication of polymer. In 1997, David Ho and his associates treated a bunch of twenty patients with a twin combination of AZT and antiviral.
    From the start of the treatment, the notable “viral load” of those patients had fallen to Associate in Nursing undetectable level and remained there. This result was conferred as proof that prescribed twin medical care was effective. in line with the orthodox scientists themselves, a minimum of ninety nine.8% of the particles measured by the infectious agent load take a look at aren’t infectious! wherever do they are available from? “HIV” poorly assembled, sensible for the discarded? the matter is that these lame viruses, like people who ar gift as virulent, haven’t been seen within the microscope. Yet, with the massive quantity of particles one claims to search out, there would be nothing easier. […] Even higher :
    the discoverer of the PCR technique [PCR the infectious agent load test], Karry Mullis (who was awarded the award in Chemistry in 1993 for this invention) holds deceitful the utilization of his methodology within the hunt for the “charge” infectious agent “. This authentic and indisputable individual, however, faces a wall. His complaining  remarks ar smothered, though his demonstration is good and documented. Too several interests and careers ar at stake.

    6th lie: AIDS is contagious

    All genital diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, Cupid’s disease or anal …), as shortly as they need been sexually transmitted, cause Associate in Nursing infection whose symptoms ar obvious once a number of days, which while not characteristic between people. – The AIDS of homosexuals the primary 5 AIDS cases were determined and represented in l.  a.   in 1981. The author of the primary report on these 5 initial cases, Michael Gottlieb, created it clear that these 5 patients were homosexuals, and every one of them use of amyl radical (poppers). additionally, he declared that these 5 patients had ne’er met and so couldn’t have contaminated one another.
    What might have created Michael Gottlieb suppose that he had simply discovered a brand new infectious disease? there’s nothing to answer this question, and therefore the mystery remains intact. A parable can facilitate to higher perceive the importance of the question: imagine that a doctor has the mission to watch the health of 100 employees all operating in an exceedingly dye plant. it’s Associate in Nursing recent manufacturing plant, poorly airy, Associate in Nursingd wherever we have a tendency to handle an abundance of lead salts. once a number of years, the doctor identifies a dozen cases of unwellness among these employees. can he conclude that unwellness may be a communicable disease as a result of the patients all worked within the same factory? Or can he conclude that his patients have all been exposed to a similar harmful risk and have thus all developed a similar disease? the solution is simply too obvious … the way to justify that Dr. Gottlieb didn’t suppose a similar method, and didn’t directly perceive that his 5 patients had all been exposed to a similar harmful medication, and so had all developed a similar pathology?

    7th lie: HIV is that the supply of the many diseases

    The contagious disease virus is gift solely in contagious disease, that of respiratory disease within the influenza, etc. With “HIV”, a brand new era has begun: that of polyvalent, polymorphic and almighty viruses, capable of inflicting not solely a good type of infectious diseases (due to immunodeficiency), however additionally pathologies having nothing to try and do with the system. In all, it’s concerning thirty diseases that ar alleged to cause this invisible killer, nearer monstrous and pitiful aliens of sci-fi movies than a micro-organism. however might biologists and health professionals swallow this snake that challenged everything that they had learned therefore far? we have a tendency to should believe that their school of reasoning was anesthetised by the fine speeches from mandarins and pharmaceutical laboratories. For it should be emphasised, as shortly as we have a tendency to ar a part of the scientific elite, we are able to afford to create the foremost neurotic  assumption being guaranteed to be followed by the entire of a belief knowledgeable by media perpetually seeking outbid and sensational. transferral the slightest proof is useless: solely the name counts. [Doctors: Hurry to place your nose during this book, primarily this chapter.]

    8th lie: it’s higher to understand that one is HIV positive

    Acute stress generally has healthful consequences as a result of it will react effectively within the face of immediate danger (flight or fight). On the opposite hand, permanent stress may be a supply of imbalance resulting in a cascade of adverse events. The psychological disturbances caused by the announcement of seropositivity and therefore the ensuing emotional reactions induce physiological reactions that ar harmful to health, by weakening the body’s natural defense reactions. Thus, the secretion regulation loop involving the adrenal organs and sure endocrine glands of the brain (pituitary gland, neural structure, epiphysis) is powerfully disturbed just in case of intense stress, one in every of the implications being Associate in Nursing production of sure messengers. chemicals (neuromediators), like adrenal cortical steroid, that is Associate in Nursing immunological disorder secretion. Stress thus weakens the activity of the system, however additionally causes several alternative disturbances, […]

    9th lie: The AIDS epidemic is devastating

    Public health organizations comply with provide apocalyptic data concerning the progress of AIDS within the world. they’re relayed with a lot of satisfaction (and while not verification) by all the media and organizations whose AIDS is that the reason to exist.
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